When You Get So Excited, You Don’t Introduce Yourself

In my excitement over my dog’s birthday, I never wrote an introduction post for this lovely blog!

You are reading the blog of Kiersten, lifelong learner and wannabe jack of all trades.

When you’re asked on a first date, or in an interview, or even just meeting a new person, to describe yourself, it’s hard to pick which parts to share with that person.
Obviously, there are some stories that aren’t proper for certain situations. I wouldn’t tell an interviewer about my anxiety, but that might be something that would be good to share with a date.

It’s hard in just in general to describe yourself. It’s hard to try to condense it all into a single post when you know that it’ll all come up at some point.

It’s that balance, which is what this blog is all about. Finding that balance in life, finding that balance in introducing myself.

The basics are easy: 23 year old, female, Colorado Native. I have two dogs, and a cat (and I did have another cat, before he adopted my roommate). I love baking, I love hiking, I love reading, I love snowshoeing. I once described myself as artsy-fartsy, and while that is true, I also enjoy working out and learning new things, like how to work on cars. I have anxiety and probably have for most of my life, just not aware of it. Studying event management and will have my degree, as of May of 2017. I’m looking forward to graduating.

This blog is about finding a balance in life. This blog is about finding the balance between work and fun, personal and professional, and within myself as well. Between anxiety, migraines that manifest as vertigo, and recurring tendonitis, that balance is necessary. Sometimes it’s hard to find it, sometimes it’s hard to keep it, and sometimes it’s the easiest thing in the world.

I am a Libra. Libra’s are supposed to be balanced, but one tiny pebble on one side of the scale can tip the whole thing off balance. And while Libra’s are supposed to be balanced, life never is.
The blog name is a play on words of “city living”, because puns have always been the best way to my heart.

We will find the balance within ourselves and we will work to keep that balance.

Welcome, let’s take this journey together!

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