When Moving Whoops Your Butt

I have neglected you guys and for that, I am so sorry. However, I have a very good reason!
These past weeks has been about moving. My roommate, Quentin, and I moved to a new place. It’s lovely, it has a backyard for the dogs and a soaker tub for the people. It’s a great place.

So these past weeks I’ve spent moving our entire place and then unpacking and cleaning. There’s still some last touches to do, but we’re almost done. Just the little knickknacks to figure out a place for.

And I have to say, I’ve learned a good amount about balance during these weeks.

One reason it’s taken so long to get completely unpacked when it could have taken much less time, was that when we got burned out, we took a break. Of course, there were priorities. The kitchen was our first priority, so we could stop ordering Pizza Hut.

When you’re moving into a new place, making little priorities for unpacking. One day was the kitchen. Another was my bedroom. All the books. And so on. (This method is also good for packing!) It keeps you from getting burnt out and from potentially overdoing it: depending on your fitness level, moving can be killer on your body!

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This is how I felt after moving all our furniture.

And finally, patience. Moving is a lot, it’s stressful, it’s back-breaking labour, and maybe you don’t have all the furniture that fit in your new space. We didn’t have a full-sized couch and since we’re both broke college students, we couldn’t afford to go out and buy a new one. So I spent a good number of hours trolling Craigslist Free section. Often times I’d thought I’d found the perfect sofa and I had to have it. None of them worked out until last night (and we moved in on March 1st) and now we have a super comfy couch, over-sized chair, and an ottoman, all free! Whether it’s looking for new furniture or unpacking the kitchen, patience is incredibly important to have when you’re moving.


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