Life can be a Bear

I’ve neglected this blog horribly and I’m so sorry for that! Things have been busy. Life has been a bear and I’ve been trying to tame it with Hygge.

I finally got a job! I graduated college, got a job, and a boyfriend. Suddenly things seem to be falling into place. It’s just all so new that it’s hard to try to wrangle them all together.

In all the newness, I’m working on implementing an old lifestyle.

KC (the new boyfriend) and I went to an exhibit at the museum: Vikings

Beyond The Myth: Vikings At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

At the end of the exhibit was the gift shop, of course. I picked up a book on Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), and then decided I wasn’t going to buy it, even though it seemed like a really cool concept. Well, the wonderful boyfriend that KC is, he bought me the book for my graduation present. (You can purchase the book here, I highly suggest it!)

Look at that beautiful cover!


So I’ve been reading up on Hygge and thinking up how to implement it into my life.

Hygge is amazing.

It’s about coziness and comfort and nature and simplicity and good company and good food and warm drinks. It’s what I always wanted in my life and never had a word for. And it’s what I’ve been trying to focus my life around, without having a word for it.

Hygge is about all those things listed above, but I also think that it’s about balance. You can’t have a life full of cozy comfort, nothing would get done. The Scandinavian folks manage to get so much done in their day to day lives, even with Hygge. There needs to be a balance in life, otherwise how will you know when to appreciate the small things? Even bears don’t hibernate all year round.

Doesn’t he look cozy, out in nature? He’s got Hygge down

Even if Hygge doesn’t resonate with you, think of the bear. Try to live as the bear lives, hibernate, make yourself comfy and cozy with good food and naps and cuddles, but then work hard to sustain yourself and make sure you have a fulfilling life.

Life can be a bear sometimes. In that case, be a bear back and let out that roar!

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