Crazy Dog Mom Plans a Birthday

I would be the definition of a crazy dog lady. I gasp every time I see a dog, even if I’m just driving by it. My dogs are my babies.

And today is one of those baby’s birthday! Northstar is turning two today (fourteen in dog years! She’s a teenager and she certainly acts like one sometimes) and today was dedicated solely to the dog birthday.

Northstar is the beautiful black dog. Tikaani, is the other one (he’s also beautiful)

It was a slow morning, but the pups hadn’t shown much energy that early and I didn’t want to disturb the peace. The plan was to bake some delicious birthday treats, Pupcakes, courtesy of, with a few modifications: banana instead of egg and an apple instead of carrots (minus the seeds! No cyanide for the pups in this household!),

Bananas, peanut butter, and apples! What could taste better?

and Doggie Ice Cream (thank you!)

I had the hardest time opening the container for the doggie ice cream, but they both loved it, so worth the effort!

take them to the dog park, and then a long walk around the river nearby. Finally, a bit of frozen chicken added to their dinner.

She’s so fast. It’s that darn border collie in her

Even though it is Northstar’s birthday, it would be unfair to leave Tikaani out of the fun. She didn’t mind one bit. She loves playing with her brother (no, they aren’t blood related. She’s a border collie, German shepherd mix and he’s a Siberian husky) and sometimes the other dogs at the park aren’t interested in playing with her (they both can play a bit rough).

Overall, a great day with the pups. Northstar even seemed to realize that today was something special, as her tail was wagging an exceptional amount! But I know that it’s a special day and I look forward to finding something fun to do for Tikaani’s birthday in November!

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