Balanced Breakfast? Try Balanced Meals!

You can ask anyone, I am a picky eater. My usual go-to dinner is mac and cheese.
But in my quest for balance, healthy eating and getting all my nutrients factors in a lot. And last night was all about balanced eating.

I wasn’t terribly hungry to begin with. Sure, hungry, but not like full-steak-dinner hungry. So I threw together a little charcuterie board (or two. My charcuterie boards are tiny).

Look at those delicious boards!

I had my fruits and vegetables board (carrots, celery, red bell peppers, apples, and grapes, with ranch for dipping)

Yum, yum, yum, and healthy!

And my meats and cheese board (provolone, swiss, salami, prosciutto, and gluten-free bagel chips)

This one was my favourite out of the two

I put a bit too much on my boards, but it turned out great so eating a bit more was not something I regretted! All I needed was a glass of my favourite wine, a blackberry Merlot from a local winery!

Picky eaters can find a healthy, balanced meal too. When I was younger, I would have never touched a pepper, but I can appreciate the sweetness that it has to it, now that I’m older. It’s a challenge to find ways to incorporate vegetables into my meals, as that’s always been what I was pickiest about and then comes the guilt that I’m not getting enough vegetables in. But I like to tell myself that any vegetable is better than no vegetable. If you have a few veggies that you actually like, find meals that use those! There are plenty of creative ways you can make sure to get your nutrients.

(This morning even had some balance to it! Yogurt with grapenuts and berries. With a cup of coffee, of course)

Mmm, coffee, brewed strong
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